Guide to Writing an Essay about Mobile Technology

Guide to Writing an Essay about Mobile Technology

Guide to Writing an Essay about Mobile Technology

Mobile technologies increasingly develop, and you need to run very very fast just to keep a track of the most valuable updates. To write an essay on mobile technology is a real challenge, but you should not get discouraged. With these expert writing tips, you won’t fail this assignment. Below in this article, we will cover the Guide to Writing an Essay about Mobile Technology.

Analyze the Existing Situation and It’s Financial Impact

To date, the cumulative amount of the global IT market exceeds two trillion US dollars.

The largest segment of the market in terms of expenditure is equipment. The explosive growth of information volumes stimulates the demand for servers and data storage systems. The ubiquity of data centers and cloud solutions provide a steady demand for various types of network equipment. The personal computer market is gradually shrinking, while the mobile device market is growing steadily. Deliveries of printing and copying equipment are relatively stable, and sales of monitors are steadily declining.

Speak About the Role Played by Corporations Worldwide

The demand for IT services is provided by the growing diversity and complexity of the corporate IT systems used, which require large installation, integration, training and maintenance costs. IT outsourcing, that is, the transfer of third-party organizations to support and maintain IT infrastructure, is one of the promising areas in this market.

Don’t Forget about Software Share Growth

The most dynamic segment of the global IT market is software, which annual growth in the past few years has exceeded 6%. Various categories of applications form over half of the total volume of the segment, the rest falls on system software and development tools. The category of applications for organizing collaboration, especially solutions for corporate social networks and file sharing, is developing most rapidly: their volume increases by more than 20% annually. The category of database management and analytics solutions is also dynamically developing with an annual growth of more than 8%. Permanently strong demand remains for solutions for managing enterprise resources and customer relations, as well as security solutions.

Elaborate on Cloud Technologies

Among the strategic directions of IT development, a special place is occupied by cloud technologies, big data analytics, integration of mobile devices and social networking technologies into the corporate environment. The combination of these technologies and processes of IDC unites the collective term “Third Platform”, the development of which in the next few years will lead to the transformation of business models in most industries.

Ask for Assistance When Needed

Writing on mobile technology is not the easiest task ever. To perform at the highest level of quality you need to focus completely on the topic in question, allocate enough time for in-depth research, gather sources, analyze them, make notes, systemize them, create in-text citations and bibliography entries according to the required citation style, etc. Of course, now you can be sure that you will be done with all that really fast, but there are no guarantees. We often tend to overestimate our abilities. When you feel like you can’t proceed or you are snowed under the assignment, it is a wise choice to order a custom written paper about mobile technology from an academic essay writing service designed for students. At an affordable price, you receive perfect quality, 100% originality, and timely delivery, so you won’t violate your professor’s deadline.

Talk About Trends

Stages of development of the IT industry IDC exists in the form of three platforms. The first platform was built on the basis of mainframes and terminals, on which thousands of applications and users worked. The second platform is based on traditional personal computers, the Internet, client-server architecture and hundreds of thousands of applications. The third platform is characterized by a rapidly growing number of mobile devices permanently connected to the Internet, combined with the extensive use of social networks and a developed cloud infrastructure used to solve complex analytical tasks.

Write about Accessibility

Applications, content, and services based on technologies of the Third Platform are available to billions of users. Cloud computing, big data, mobile and social technologies stimulate mutual development. Indeed, users of a growing number of mobile devices are producing more and more content that is conveniently stored in the clouds. Due to the growth of mobile devices, user activity in social networks is increasing. The content they accumulate becomes an important source for analyzing and extracting valuable information using big data technologies.

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